Article: "Why is the Developer Missing at BATM Systems’ Romania Facility?”

In this article from the August 2017 issue of The PCB Magazine, Marc Ladle of Viking Test Ltd. describes how Lunaris is part of the innovative technology at the Romanian BATM facility.

Proudly announcing the first Lunaris European install

Lunaris is up running at BATM Systems SRL, the first volume PCB manufacturing plant to be established in Romania.

Mutracx CEO talks about PCB production at HKPCA 2016

Mutracx CEO Jeroen de Groot sat down with I-Connect 007's Stephen Las Marias at HKPCA 2016 and discussed how Mutracx is taking PCB production to the next level.

MuTracx appoints Jeroen de Groot as new CEO

Jeroen de Groot has been appointed CEO of MuTracx International BV - full subsidiary of innovative technology partner Sioux - as of 1 May 2016. Strengthening MuTracx with De Groot fits in perfectly with the growth aspirations of the manufacturer of digital inkjet PCB printers.

First Install Achieves CAM to Etch in 5 Minutes

Featured in the October issue of The PCB Magazine, Mutracx Sales and Marketing Director Peter Coakley shows how Lunaris works and explains how it can save time and money on the shop floor.

New Leadership at Mutracx

I-Connect007’s Barry Matties speaks with Arnoud De Geus, managing director of the Sioux Group, who discusses the recent integration of MuTracx into the Sioux Group,

"Printing printed circuit boards"

This article on Mutracx's innovative PCB printing technology appeared in the Spring 2015 issue of Innovate Magazine

"Disrupting PCB imaging with inkjet technology; the challenges and opportunities explained".

Why are 95% of the circuit boards that drive today’s digital devices still imaged with film, the same way they have been for the past 50 years? This white paper will address this question by exploring the challenges of digital PCB imaging and the emergence of inkjet imaging, a technology that has the potential to revolutionise the industry.


Wie in Brainport zoekt naar de OEM’s van de toekomst, stuit al snel op Mutracx in Helmond. De spin-out van Océ ontwikkelt en produceert de Lunaris, een inkjetmachine die binnen-, buiten en solder masklagen van PCB’s print. Het is disruptive technology die de wereldwijde markt van conventionele PCB-lithografie op zijn kop kan zetten. Voorwaarde is dan wel een succesvolle marktintroductie. Het jaar van de waarheid is aangebroken.

Every Drop Counts: Eliminating the One-in-a-Billion Defect

Mutracx's Lunaris Digital Inkjet printer for etch resist utilises the most reliable piezo print head in the market and a unique patented error-elimination feature called "Predict" to eliminate potential printing errors BEFORE they occur.

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