Why does every drop count?

drop_model_4.gifThe prediction and subsequent elimination of imaging errors is fundamental to success in this application. Even the best print heads fail and the biggest single problem is air entrapment - something that occurs in every piezo inkjet head.

See the characteristics of a piezo print chamber when firing. Notice the movement of the ink meniscus in the nozzle after drop formation – this is where the air enters the chamber

Air entrapment causes two problems:

  • Nozzle spraying – spurious copper in the PCB application
  • Nozzle blockage – missing copper in the PCB application

Lunaris uses the most reliable print heads on the planet and a resist tuned for optimum performance. Empirical data suggests a failure rate of one in one billion droplets. Putting this into context; depending upon the CAM data, we will fire between 25 and 50 million resist droplets per second which means a potential problem every 20 – 40 seconds!!

We address this problem with our patented Predict technology. As the name suggests, Predict detects future problems in the print chamber, switching nozzles before an error manifests itself on the printed image.