Imagine a better way.

Lunaris is truly disruptive technology. Lunaris is unique. Lunaris will change PCB manufacturing forever. Imagine 100% yield into the etch line. Imagine etched inner layers produced in minutes from CAM. Imagine eliminating over 70% of the processes prior to inner layer AOI …imagine a better way.

  • Print head reliability

    Not only have we sourced the best and most reliable print heads, the heads and resist are tuned for optimal performance. We consider this to be a mandatory requirement for a real world industrialized solution for the imaging of etch resist. So much so, we’ve given it a name… micro-procedé.

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  • The Lunaris print Strategy

    We need to control the flow and how the droplets interact with each other on the substrate. This is taken care of by the Print Strategy – something unique to Lunaris. It operates within the resist gelling window to ensure that the final etch resist image is a perfect facsimile of the CAM data.

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  • We make every drop count with Predict

    The prediction and subsequent elimination of imaging errors is fundamental to success in this application. Even the best print heads fail and the biggest single problem is air entrapment - something that occurs in every piezo inkjet head.

    We address this problem with our patented Predict technology. As the name suggests, Predict detects future problems in the print chamber, switching nozzles before an error manifests itself on the printed image.

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